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Amazon’s Multi-model Identification technology seeks to deliver packages faster

Amazon’s multi-modal identification technology is designed to help robotic arms and robots at Amazon fulfillment centers identify and process products

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Google’s continuous scroll on desktop search promises more exposure for web pages

Google’s continuous scroll for desktop search is officially here. Now users in the US won’t see the page numbers at

Twitter's community notes
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Could Twitter’s Community Notes help eradicate misinformation?

Twitter’s Community Notes, formerly Birdwatch, seek to dispel misinformation driven by falsehoods and inaccuracies through community moderation.  Twitter has been

Proton's feature upgrade
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Proton is the new Gmail? Proton’s feature upgrade in Mail and Calendar

Swiss-based email-service provider Proton is launching new features across its Mail, Calendar, and Drive, nearing feature parity with Gmail.  While

Gmail updates
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New Google Updates: promising new features to help with communication, shopping, and search

New Google updates include chat summaries (for Premium Workspace Spaces), Google lens translation, AR shopping, food search, and more. New

New Twitter Rules
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New Twitter rules could actually work. Can we wait and find out?

New Twitter rules eliminate “remote” work and offer the blue check mark to anyone who can afford $8. But is

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How to build a valuable company: lessons learned from Zero to One by Peter Thiel 

This post discusses the seven questions every entrepreneur must answer to build a valuable company that can stand the test

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Kanye West, Parler, and the pursuit of attention

Kanye West, now known as Ye, is buying Parler, a free speech platform, while his accounts on mainstream social media

Nike's sales and marketing strategy
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5 things about Nike’s sales and marketing strategy that have never changed

Nike's sales and marketing strategy has remained consistent


We are treating animals exactly like we treated black slaves in America

Our ancestors believed that it was their right to treat their slaves however they wanted and so they did. While we came a long way after emanicipation of slaves, we are still treating vulnerable species recraeting the worse offences from the history of slavery.

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How to build a landing page that gets traction

Did you just build a website? Learn how to convert your visitors into customers through a killer landing page.

Entrepreneurship Growth strategies

How did Zappos become a billion-dollar shoe brand?

Zappos did not become a billion-dollar brand overnight. It took a lot of hard work, patience, and disappointments to come this far. Adam Stevenson looks into the key lessons learned from Zappo's success over the past 10 years.


5 free side hustles that won’t cost you an initial investment

Try these 5 free side hustles to make extra 1000 every month. These side hustles won’t cost you any intialinvetsment. All you need is a little bit of extra time.


All of Elon Musk’s Companies Explained

With a soaring net worth of around 153.5 billon USD, Elon Musk is among the most influential people around the


6 Good and Bad Things We Have Learned From Elon Musk’s Daily Schedule

Elon Musk’s daily schedule includes skipping breakfast and wolfing down lunch during meetings. He also isn’t a big fan of


5 business skills you need to have before starting your company

Entrepreneurship requires cogent business skills that unfortunately no business school can teach you, yes not even Harvard. Schools aren’t designed

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7 Most Profitable Business Ideas That Will Always Work

Things are changing so fast around us that if we are not careful we may not be able to stand

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5 Technical Business Skills for First-time Business Owners

Looking to start a business? Here are 5 technical business skills every entrepreneur needs.

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The rich men in history: How did Musa built his $400 billion net worth

Did you know that Mansa Musa was worth over 4 billion? We looked into how he got his hands on that kind of wealth and whether anybody would ever reach that level.


When Lambs Become Lions: Wallstreetbets vs. Wall Street

The year 2020 was full of surprises. But the dawn of 2021 has proven to be just as staggering. If

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Is Elon Musk Overhyping Neuralink’s brain-machine interface?

Earlier in 2020, Elon Musk showcased the progress of Neuralink brain machine interface to the world with the device outfitted