So much is changing around us. From Capital riots to Gamestop, there seems to be a new air around us. In the tech world, Google has a new competitor and seems like a worthy one. The presearch engine is a blockchain-based search engine that promises to protect your privacy while offering censorship-resistance. 

What is presearch engine? 

Presearch engine is a block-chain based search engine that offers presearch nodes, PRE tokens, Presearch keyword staking, Presearch marketplace, and much more. Since it’s blockchain-based, it is a decentralized system that operates through nodes. 

How does it work? 

The presearch engine empowers users to enjoy a better search experience by harnessing the power of the world’s top data sources 

It allows users to have an enriched search experience by collecting data from a number of nodes. 

The service separates itself from other search engines by offering privacy protection, more choices for user control, and a no-censorship environment. So basically, it seeks to find the solution to the current problems we seem to have with well-established search engines. 

What are the offerings? 

PRE tokens: The tokens are incentives for users to switch from well-established search engines to Presearch. This may not last too long after they build a substantial audience. So if you want to consider a new search engine, this might just be the right time for it. PRE tokens are Presearch cryptocurrency that you can utilize later on. 

Presearch nodes: The nodes are used to process search queries. The node operators who support the network are also rewarded with PRE tokens. According to the company website, you can install Presearch nodes on your computer or any system supporting Docker. The nodes can help support the Presearch engine. 

Presearch keyword staking: If you want to advertise on the platform, you can bid on keywords using your PRE tokens. 

The advertisers who commit the highest tokens for a keyword win and have their ads displayed. This is another strategy to draw users and claim their place on the new platform. 

Presearch marketplace: This is a place for node and keyword stakers and other project supporters to buy PRE tokens with USD, Ethereum, or Bitcoin. 

Besides, its main service offerings, the Ethereum blockchain allows PRE token holders to sell, buy, store, and even view their transactions. 

Presearch engine is the first blockchain-based search engine that offers several benefits for both regular users who want to find quality content, and advertisers who want to promote their business for increased chances of visibility. 

Will this impact my ranking on Google? 

Presearch engine is simply like any other search engine such as Google, Firefox, and Bing. This should not impact your rankings regardless of how popular the platform becomes. 

The bottom line 

Blockchain-based search engines and social media platforms were always foreseeable. And it seems that the time has come for us to adopt new modes of communication and visibility on the internet, the modes that offer flexibility in terms of user choices and privacy protection. What do you think about a no-censorship based search engine? Let us know in the comments.

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