Things don’t always go your way. Life is unpredictable, full of inevitability. We are not in control. And sometimes this lack of control creates feelings of helplessness that cause all kinds of negative thoughts, anxiety, and depression. 

We don’t have to become the victim of these feelings every time something doesn’t go our way. 

What is deliberate happiness?

Imagine two teams. Team A and Team B. 

Team A only absorbs negative thoughts, while team B absorbs positive thoughts. These two teams handle the way your brain reacts to whatever you are thinking. This in return creates certain reactions in the body.

For example, if you woke up and immediately thought “I don’t know what’s gonna happen today,” it alerts the team A. They get to work, churning the negativity and doubt, which sparks feelings of anxiety. Contrary to this, having a good thought at the beginning of the day will trigger the team B. When you think good, you induce feelings of happiness that boost your mood. This helps you feel energized and focused. 

Deliberate happiness is all about keeping your team B engaged at all times. Why? Because you need to maintain positive energy to stay focused on your goals. It allows your mind to think positively, helping you reduce anxiety and stress. 

Deliberate happiness is a purposeful effort to see the best in everything to improve cognitive health. 

How to manifest deliberate happiness 

It is a well-known fact that unmanaged negative thoughts can cause stress which can impact your mental health and body’s immunity.  

Harboring negative thoughts and feelings hinders the production of certain hormones that are necessary for overall growth. 

But why is it that we still give in to negativity knowing well that it’s not good for our health? 

Most of the time, people are unaware of these negative feelings. Notice when thoughts like ‘I hate this color’ or ‘I am an idiot’ cross your mind. Reacting to a situation with negativity sets off negative reactions in your brain. Instead of reacting negatively, try a different approach: ‘This is a different color’ or ‘I made a mistake, I’ll keep that in mind next time’.

Again, it may seem unnecessary to alter your thought process, but it matters in the long run. 

Take deliberate action to alter your thoughts. 

Invoke happy thoughts even when everything is crumbling down. Opt for ‘This didn’t go well. We’ll try a different approach next time’ instead of ‘This was a disaster. We are never going to get it.” 

Keep track of your negative thoughts

Even the smallest negative thoughts can ignite tiny sparks that can set off fireworks of negativity causing chain reactions that are, over time, hard to manage. 

If you can manage the negative thoughts, you can manage your mental health. 

Here’s how you can manage negative thoughts. 

Address the happiness variables

Some key variables are directly linked with your sense of fulfillment that drives happiness. 

Some of these key variables include: 

  • A good job
  • Strong relationships with friends and family 

If any of these variables are missing or out of line, you are going to feel the effect on your mental health. 

So outline the variables, make sure everything is as it should be. Or else, outline a plan to fix it. Instead of going into negativity, replaying the past in your head, focus on how you can improve the situation.

Outlining an improvement plan will immediately send a signal to the team B that everything is fine, the situation is under control, no need to worry. Hence, helping you maintain your energy level. Read more about how to maintain a healthy routine for a balanced life. 


You can’t always control what happens, but you can control how you react to it. Control your thoughts and you can control your reaction. The more in control you are, the better energy you will have to deal with the issue at hand.

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