Note: Building stronger immunity is a preventative measure. It may not prevent deadly diseases that require immediate medical attention. Currently, there is no cure for coronavirus. 

Our body has an amazing ability to defend itself against bacteria and pathogens. But the problem is we are always exposing it to processed foods and environmental factors that hinder its natural ability. Here’s how you can develop immunity by adding these 3 steps to your daily routine.

1: Enhance your lifestyle 

Our immune system is… well a system. And a system is never self-governing but reliable on micro and macro components that facilitate its overall function. Without these components, it is impossible to maintain the integrity of the system. 

The two most important components are your mental and physical health. If your mind and body aren’t in a harmonious state, it will impact your immunity.

 The key is to maintain a healthy mind-body balance. Most people focus way too much on their physical fitness and disregard mental health. Physical activity curbs stress and other mental conditions that can trigger physical responses in the body; however, you still need to take extra steps for mental fitness. This can include mental fitness games, meditation, and counselling.

 Learn the daily routine that can help you develop immunity.

2: Develop a mindset to adapt

Things are changing very fast around us, so it’s best that you have the mindset to adapt.

You cannot fully adapt to the new practices if you haven’t made up your mind. Here are a number of things you can do to alter your mindset for the new normal:

– Understand that the change will happen anyway. Without an open mind for adaptation, you cannot keep up with the rest of the world.

– Make a slow, gradual change. Take the calculated steps. For example, allocate a day in a week to contemplate the new future for your company. If you are an employee, take a day to consider what future job options you can explore. 

– Talk about it

We are all in this together. Talking about your plans with trusted people allows you to build the confidence you need for implementation. 

Once you get into the right mindset, you will have increased tolerance and patience regarding the changing work and life dynamic around you. This will essentially reduce anxiety and stress that can harm your immunity. 

3: Invest in food 

The human body has an amazing capability to protect and heal. But the problem, we aren’t supplying our bodies with the right nutrients daily, which causes obstruction. 

You need to eat the right food, at the right time, and in the right proportion. Variety is the key when it comes to choosing foods. Add everything to your diet–from nuts and seeds to whole grains–and eat after every 3-4 hours. Avoid processed foods and sugar or limit intake to once a week. 

When the body has the right nutrients, it automatically builds and maintains stronger immunity. 

The bottom line 

There is no magic pill that will help you build instant immunity. You have to invest in your mental and physical health to safeguard against deadly pathogens and viruses. A stronger immunity can reduce your risk of developing several diseases. So, build a routine today for a healthier body tomorrow.

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