“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence.” Helen Keller  

Many people wonder how to be successful in life without much hassle. Very few find the answer. 

The truth is, there is no simple formula for success. 

Successful people use more than a single tool to create lasting success. But do you know the one thing that they all have in common? 

It’s self-confidence

Before you roll your eyes, we are not here to tell the cliched importance of self-confidence. We are about to tell you how to gain and retain self-confidence throughout your life. 

How to be successful in life using self-confidence 

Most crucial tools in life are free. But the problem is most of us don’t know how to wield the power of these free tools to create a better future for ourself. One such tool is self-esteem.  

Self-confidence is a product of high self-esteem. If you consistently find yourself in a low self-esteem zone, you are depleting yourself of confidence that is necessary to take certain actions. 

Without confidence, you cannot have the positive attitude required to accomplish goals in life.

Self-esteem is already there; you just need to learn how to put it to use. Here are some simple steps that can help you do that:

1: Confront the situations that impact your self-esteem. 

Your self-esteem can easily dwindle if you aren’t mindful of how you react to negative situations. Instead of avoiding situations that impact your self-esteem, confront them.

A mean comment or a dozen dislikes shouldn’t put you in a bad mood. Understand that good and bad is part of life. Embrace both. Achieve a mindset where you can deal with negativity in a positive manner.

2: Understand that nothing happens overnight

Sometimes minor setbacks can dwindle your motivation and derail you from achieving the bigger goal. Be willing to lose. Understand that failure is a part of your growth and just another opportunity to learn what doesn’t work. 

3: Have discipline 

It is easy to lose your courage and motivation when things aren’t happening. Win or lose, make sure that you are always at it. This will keep your stamina up. Create a routine and build the discipline to follow that routine. When you are on track, you won’t succumb to negative thinking. 

4: Take care of yourself

Before you can be yourself, you need to look yourself. Take care of your appearance and your health. Invest in what you want to wear and adopt a healthy lifestyle. If you look the way you want, you will always have the essential self-esteem necessary for your life goals.   

Follow this simple routine to take care of your health. 

5: Define your success

The biggest blunder you can ever make in life is to compare yourself to somebody else.

Be in your own lane. Grow at your own pace. Constant comparisons can cause anxiety and lower self-esteem. Define what is success to you, and be happy with the little accomplishments you make.  

So how to be successful in life in a nutshell: 

Write your goals, define the timeline to achieve those goals, get the necessary skills, and worry about nothing else.

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