Do you love cute and cuddly animals? If you have an innate love for fluff beings, then you have a chance to make a good side-living by taking care of them. In this post, I cover pet-sitting apps in North America

The following apps can help you make around $1000 per month. 

But before we get into the apps. Here are some of your options in the pet care industry. 

Pet sitting 

Pet sitting requires you to watch someone’s pet either in their home or your home for certain hours or days for an hourly or fixed rate. 

Pet grooming and training 

Pet grooming and training involve pet baths, haircuts, nails, and training. You may need to get a certification from a pet grooming and training school. 

Most programs are yearly and award you a certificate after completion. You can use that certificate to find high-paying pet grooming jobs. 

Pet boarding and daycare 

Pet onboarding involves special pet schools where you can take care of many pets. This comes under the pet grooming business and may not pass as a side hustle. Only consider this if you are serious about owning a pet care business. 

Now let’s look into the top-rated pet-sitting apps that can help you earn an extra thousand bucks each month. 

  1. Host a pet (available in canada) 

With Host a Pet, you can offer daycare, boarding walks, baths, transportation, and training. Simply, go to and sign up.

Requirements to become a host: 

– You must be 18 or older

– You must complete the online training 

The company takes a 16% commission on the total earnings. On average, you can expect to make $15 – $18 per hour. Unlike many other pet care service apps and websites, Host a Pet offers $1k in reimbursement in case there’s an accident.  

2. Rover (available in the United States) 

Rover is undoubtedly one of the largest communities of pet sitters across the United States. As a sitter, you can offer doggy-daycare, drop-in visits, house sitting, and dog walking.  

As a sitter at Rover, you get $25,000 in vet care reimbursement and 24/7 vet assistance. All you have to do is create your profile on, start accepting requests, and get paid. The highly paid service of the website is pet onboarding. 

All services offered on Rover are backed by Rover’s guarantee. If you are just getting started with pet sitting, you can have access to comprehensive online resources designed specifically for pet sitters. 


– Every new sitter needs to pass a background check that can cost up to $35. 

– You need to be over 18 and must have a complete profile on the website. 

– In addition to the background check, you need to attain Rover’s certification.

– You must have flexible availability including being available on the weekdays.  

Expect to make anywhere between $15 – $25. Rover takes 20% from your earnings.

3. Wag 

With Wag, you can offer pet sitting, pet walks, boarding, drop-ins, and training. The company offers several cool features to make the service easy for you including a Wag tag that helps find lost pets. The tag lets the finder know the pet’s address so he can be returned to safety. The QR code on the tag immediately loads up the pet’s profile. 


– You must be able to physically walk the pets. 

– You must pass the background check that can cost $25 

– You must have a good phone. An iPhone 6 or higher model to access the site and its app. 

In terms of commission, Wag is the most expensive as it takes away 40% in commissions. Expect to make anywhere between $13 to $17. 

4. Petbacker (iOS and Android available all over the world) 

If you don’t want to go through rigorous background checks and certifications, Petbacker has got your back. With this service, you can offer dog boarding, pet sitting, pet grooming, pet taxi, dog walking, pet daycare, and pet training. If you want to be a professional pet trainer, the app offers comprehensive training to help you with your journey. 


– You must be 18 and available to provide pet care services. 

– Must pass the basic background check. 

The company takes about 15-20% commission. Expect to make anywhere between $10-15 per hour. 

5. Fetch 

Fetch, like Petbacker, does not require any professional training. You can offer pet sitting, dog walking, overnight care, pet taxi, and pet medical administration. The company offers insurance for pet sitters.  


– You can use Fetch if you are over 13, but you will require a legal guardian’s consent. 

– You will need to pass a mandatory background check. 

– You will need to attend orientation and meet with someone for the interview. 

Expect to make anywhere between $9 to $10. 

6. Petsitter 

This is one of the only apps on this list that allow you to find pet sitting gigs even in rural areas. At Petsitter, you can offer pet training, pet sitting, pet walking, pet grooming, and onboarding. 


– You must be at least 13 and have approval from a legal guardian. 

– You must prove that you can provide pet sitting services in your jurisdiction. 

Expect to make anywhere between $10 to $15. 

7. Sitter city

This company offers different options including senior care, baby care, and pet care. Make a profile with the type of service you are interested in. The platform does not run any background checks on its sitters, you may have to incur $15 for basic and $60 for advanced background checks. 

Once you have a profile, the site will show a badge confirming your status. 


– Must be 18 or older 

– Must be able to legally work in your state 

Expect to make anywhere between $8 to $11 per hour. 

8. Care shares feature with Sittercity and Petsitter. You can choose between different services. Choose pet care when you sign up to gain pet sitting gigs in your area. You can start with a free account but it offers limited features compared to the monthly subscription. For payments, you can use the company’s payment center or negotiate a payment method with your client. 


– You have to be 18 or above and a Canadian resident or citizen. 

– You should not be working with any of their competition. 

– You should have a complete profile. 

Expect to make anywhere between $8 – $11 per hour. 

Almost all pet sitting gigs require you to be at least 18 or older and legal in your country. All require at least a basic background check. You can expect to make anywhere from $35 to $50,000 per annum with pet sitting gigs. Be transparent in your profile (give accurate details) and build a reputation over time with client reviews. This could easily be one of the most profitable side gigs you can do that do not require any tiresome physical or mental work. 

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