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Money management is the first step towards paying off your hefty debt. If you find it hard to manage your finances, the following best budgeting apps 2021 can help you keep track of every transaction. And if you use them right, you may be able to save too! 

I have picked the best budgeting apps based on user ratings and credible online reviews. The following apps can create budgets, monitor spending, and create goals for paying off debt. 

Here are the 4 best budgeting apps that can try to manage monthly and annual budget.

  1. Mint 

Mint is one of the top-rated budgeting apps. Forbes gave it a 5.0 rating after analyzing the application and its features. Mint is best for budgeting and credit monitoring. It helps you: 

– Connect to all your bank accounts 

– Track every transaction. It alerts you when you are way over your budget  

– Track bills and alerts you when a new bill payment is due 

– Helps you discover new ways to save money

– Offers all the features, including credit monitoring for free

– Free updates for TransUnion credit score  

– The app offers an automatic categorization of linked accounts and tracks spending from those accounts against a set budget, so you know where every cent goes at the end of the month. 

– It is available for both Mac and iOS 

Mint has over 10 Million downloads on the play store with a 4.5 average rating from over 191K reviews. 

Most reviews that I checked are positive, and the negative ones receive quick support from the Mint team. 

One of the biggest cons of the app is that it’s not available worldwide. Check on the app store if it’s available in your country.

  1. Personal capital 

This app is for wealth management through overall budgeting. It helps you save and build retirement funds by monitoring spending. Just like Mint, the app tracks spending against a set budget every month. It offers: 

– A comprehensive investment tool with advanced features for budget monitoring. 

– A simple solution to connect your mortgage, checking, credit, and other accounts to create seamless budgeting.

– Networth consultation 

– Portfolio breakdown so you know where your money sits 

– Categories to monitor overall spending (the app comes with pre-made categories, but you can also do that manually). 

– It is available for both Mac and iOS. 

Personal capital has over 500K+ downloads and has an average rating of 4.4 out of 15K reviews. Just like Mint, it’s not available worldwide.   

  1. YNAB (my personal favorite)

One of the perks of using YNAB is that it’s almost available everywhere. However, it’s not free. You can get a 34-day trial to test drive the app and see if it fits your needs. The app is good for both individuals and couples working towards a savings goal. It allows you to:

– Sync your current checking and savings accounts with the app or add your account details manually. 

– It offers a comprehensive budgeting plan to allocate money to different expenses and monitor the cash flow. 

– It gives you a clear picture of your total net worth. 

-Offers educational tools

– It is available for both Mac and iOS 

The app has over 1M + downloads on the Play Store and an average rating of 4.3 out of 7K reviews. 

Most reviews are positive, and both good and bad reviews get a quick message from the support. 

  1. Goodbudget

Goodbudget is another app that can help you pay off your debt and stay on track with your spending. It offers 

– Complete budget tracking. You can create envelopes for different expenses; for example, $150 for gas and $80 for dining out. The app will automatically add up all your expenses and give you a comprehensive report regarding your spending.

-Easy sync across multiple devices. 

– You can have up to 10 free envelopes. 

– Advanced features to sync accounts and share budgets.

– Helps you save for big expenses like paying off debt. The app helps you track your debt progress. 

– It is available for both Mac and iOS 

The app has over 1 Million + downloads and has over 4.4 star rating out of 18K reviews. Most reviews for the app are positive. The negative ones get a quick reply from tech support.   

What it doesn’t offer: 

The app does not offer a bank account sync.

How to pick the right app?

The apps on this list are the top-rated budgeting apps based on user ratings. So I recommend that you start with them and see if they fit your needs. They are highly rated and backed by substantial user reviews.  

Monitoring your expenses is the first step towards living a debt-free life. You think you don’t need a budgeting app, but you do. Most of the time, we are not even aware of how we’re spending. A $20 bill now and then can add up to a thousand dollars over a year. Each cent matters when you are trying to pay the debt. 

Free budgeting apps like Mint have in-app purchases but nothing too complicated to discourage you from signing up. These apps offer a complete system for you to manage your expenses. 

I have prepared a complete guide to help you eliminate all debt. Read the debt-free life guide. 


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