A good landing page acts as an activating agent for turning visitors into customers.

It helps your customers learn about your product or service while encouraging them to take the desired action, which in most cases, is to sign up. If you only have mockups at this stage, you want your visitors to sign up so they can be the first to know when the product is ready. If you have a product, you need to make sure that your landing page takes customers to the shop page where they can sign up or make a purchase.

Components of a great landing page

Here are the components that can help your landing page stand out and convert.

  • Use a single, clear CTA at the top of the page.
  • Make sure to grab your customers’/audience’ attention right away with a catchy heading. Use emotional triggers like “This will change your life forever,” or “take control of your finances with our budgeting app and say goodbye to debt.” Your headline should give out your unique selling proposition.
  • Add little or no copy to your landing page. Visitors have a very short attention span that may last only up to 10-15 seconds. So you don’t have a lot of time to waste. Just be very clear and concise.
  • Use a powerful image to draw attention. A picture truly speaks louder than words, so choose it carefully.
  • If possible include testimonials or social proof that shows how many people have signed up for your product. This will encourage other visitors to sign up or take the desired action.
  • Try not to ask for too much information at this stage. Just name and email are enough. Once you have the customer engaged, you can follow up with more details.
  • Always use data security badges to let customers/visitors know that their private information is safe. Let them know that it’s safe to enter their details on your website. This will build trust and help encourage the audience to sign up or take the desired action.
  • Make sure to have a follow-up page ready to continue audience engagement. For example, if you have mobile mockups, add a follow-up page that gives details about the mobile app and its features.

Landing Page Examples

Let’s look at some of the best landing page examples.

Lyft is one of my favorite landing pages. Take a look at it below.

This landing page has everything that would make it convert visitors.

Look at the heading: “Makeup to $35 per hour driving your car.” This tells the visitors that there is a quick and easy way for them to make extra money without having any initial investments. They can just drive their car! And then there’s the call to action right next to the headline helping visitors sign up so they can start making that money. Who wouldn’t want to sign up!

At the bottom, there’s a calculator to help visitors calculate how much they could make. This is a great tool for engagement. Notice that there’s minimum content on the landing page.

Here’s another great example:

Again, notice that the call to action is right on top. There’s minimum content and a powerful headline. The only thing lacking in the above two examples is the security badges. The following example does pretty well in my opinion.

The call to action is there, the security badges are visible and a powerful headline that gives away the unique selling proposition. If you want to use one of these examples as a reference, I’d say go with the third one.

And that’s it! It wasn’t that hard, was it? It should take you about 30-45 minutes to set up a landing page. I did a Canva guide where I shared some templates for landing pages, check it out here. If you are not interested in designing a landing page, you can always buy a template online.


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