Are you a first-time website owner and find SEO for websites intimidating? Worry not because I’ll walk you through a 10-minute SEO with Yoast to help you get your site ready for Google rankings.

Install Yoast

Before plugins like Yoast, SEO specialists would manually do on-page optimization which included external/internal link building, keyword usage throughout the content, alt tags, etc.
So for the first step, install Yoast SEO.

Yoast will tell you if your readability and SEO are good enough to rank your post high in search engines. While Yoast will take away all of your on-page SEO worries, don’t forget that it won’t turn subpar content into a high-quality piece. You still need to work on your content quality.

Set up Yoast

After you have installed, Yoast, click on the wizard and you will see the following screen.

Go step by step to finish the setup.

After you are done with the 9 steps, the Yoast will tell you that your setup has been successful.

Now go ahead and create a post.

Here’s a checklist of things you should do before you paste your content into WordPress.

  • Make sure content is around 1000 words or longer.
  • Make sure that your paragraphs are no more than 3 lines.
  • Make sure to add the keyword at least 4 times in a 1000 word post. If you are not sure how many times you should use the keyword, Yoast will tell you.
  • Add at least one internal and one authority external link.

What is an authority link, you may ask?

An authority link is any link from a high-ranking website.

  • Use 2-3 subheadings.
  • Make sure there’s less passive voice and more active.
  • Use keywords within your meta description and excerpt.
  • Make text simple with easy-to-understand language.

When you are done with your content, make sure to run it through Grammarly.

Now when you copy-paste into WordPress, you’ll probably get two Green smileys in your Yoast area. Sometimes they are not green but orange and even red. But no worries, we’ll turn them green in no time.

Click on SEO and then SEO analysis in Yoast and it will show you everything that is wrong or right with your page’s SEO.

Now one by one start fixing things. You can click on the eye next to the problem and it will highlight the problem in the text. If you have done everything right from the checklist then you probably won’t have any problems.

Similarly, go to the readability section and it will show you the problems with the text. Don’t worry too much about it because sometimes if you are using intricate terminology, the readability remains low.

Just make sure that your text is evenly distributed, does not contain too much passive voice, and does not have lengthy paragraphs.

After your SEO smiley is green, your page is ready for ranking. Repeat this for every page and post of your website.


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