There’s an old saying that goes like, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” While it may be true for a lot of things in life, it’s definitely not true when it comes to skin care. Skincare in your 20’s and 30’s will pay off in the later years. In fact, you should start treating your skin for wrinkles and age related anomalies as soon as possible before they become full-blown problems that require complicated procedures. 

Do you want to maintain a glass skin? Do you want to treat acne scars? Or perhaps you just want to maintain your youthful glow? Whether you are a man or a woman or a person of any different sexual orientation, here are 10 things you need to do for your skincare in your 20’s and 30’s to maintain flawless skin. 

  1. Have a skin-care routine 

Before you do any of the following steps, it’s important that you have a proper skin care routine. And it’s nothing special but the same old three basic steps: cleanse, tone,and moisturize. If you don’t have a skin-care routine, the following steps may not work well either. Remember that everything makes a difference in the long run. 

  1. Start using Retinol 

Start using Retinol based night cream in your early to mid twenties and never let it go. Retinol has been proven time after time to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Some retinol-based moisturizers and lotions are also great for creating even-toned complexions. By simply adding Retinol to your routine, you will delay the signs of aging. 

  1. Get facials 

Facials are an excellent way to improve blood circulation that helps with skin rejuvenation. If you can’t get an expensive salon facial, try facial kits at home, but always remember to massage your skin on a regular basis (it doesn’t have to be every day). While there’s no credible research that would point to the benefits of facials in preventing wrinkles, they do help promote blood circulation that keeps skin healthy. 

  1. Use a silicone mask 

Silicone masks are transparent or light-colored reusable masks that hook behind your ears and spread evenly on your skin. Silicone is known to heal skin and give you a youthful appearance but only if you do it right. 

According to research, silicone has healing properties to mend the surface of your skin. [Source]


To use the silicone mask, apply any face mask, serum or hydrating moisturizer on your skin and then cover it up for 40 minutes with a silicone face mask. It will help  the skin absorb the ingredients and hence recover much faster than usual. 

You can get a very cheap silicone mask at So no need to shell out money for expensive masks. 

  1. Use massage rollers 

If you have heard of Jade rollers, know that they are famous for a reason. According to research, these stone massage rollers can help with wrinkles and blood circulation, helping rejuvenate the skin. 

Make it routine to roll a cold Jade roller on your skin for 10-20 minutes to help improve blood circulation. It is way better than slapping your skin. Don’t forget the neck area. 

As an additional step, you can use an ice roller too. 

  1. Get cold gel face masks 

Okay, so you must be wondering why there are so many masks on this list. Masks are actually a proven way to improve skin’s youthful glow.Cold gel face masks are a great way to relieve puffiness and tiredness from both face and eyes. Cold gel eye masks can actually help you remove dark circles if done persistently. 


  1. Start using face tape 

Face tape is an inexpensive face lift that actually works. But you are not going to use just any face tapes; there are special face tapes for this purpose and are called face lift tapes. You may find other variations for the name too. They also come in different types too. Some look like regular tapes and you can simply cut a piece and place it on a wrinkled area such as frown lines and leave it there for 10 minutes. While others include stickers with cords that hook around your head. 


  1. Chemical peels

We are assuming that you already exfoliate as part of your weekly routine and that is ofcourse separate from your daily routine which includes the basic three steps (cleanse, tone and moisturize). Apart from your regular routine, you need to incorporate chemical peels in your monthly routine. If you are using peels that are stronger such as above 50% glycolic acid, then you need to do them less often. Chemical peels change the composition of collagen in your skin and help rebuild and rejuvenate skin. Glycolic acid peels in particular remove the dead skin surface, helping you get a youthful glow after every session. 

  1. Face lifting masks 

Here’s another mask that should be part of your routine and that is the face lifting mask. For This mask, you don’t need to wear any serums or moisturizers, the purpose of the mask is to get your facial muscles tight and in place. While gravity is pulling your muscles down, these masks help skin retain its position. They are best worn overnight and during the day. They may come by names such as V-shaping mask, facelift mask and double-chin eliminating mask. 

  1. Mediation and yoga  

This may sound so clichéd but trust us they do work! Let’s start with yoga. For your skin, you need to do one single pose every day and that is the bridge pose. This not only rushes blood to your head, but also strengthens your core, gives you a boob lift if you are a girl and tightens your buttocks. 


With medication, you only need to sit down in a comfortable place for 20 minutes and focus on breathing. That’s it. This good old mediation will increase the oxygen flow to your cells and help your body rejuvenate inside out. 

Remember that consistency is key here. 

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