New Google updates include chat summaries (for Premium Workspace Spaces), Google lens translation, AR shopping, food search, and more.

New Google updates have introduced several features across workspace chats, search, shopping, and Google’s AR lens. Here’s a rundown of what is new. 

Conversation summaries for Workspace Spaces 

It is painful to keep up with all the conversations in your premium Workspace Spaces. Google’s new conversation summaries feature helps you catch up quickly and stay on top of everything without going over lengthy chats. Summaries contain bits of unread messages and are located above the chats. 

New “multi-search” feature for food 

With the new multi-search feature, you can search for food near you by taking a picture or a screenshot and adding the keywords “near me”. Google will list all the restaurants that sell that food near your location. You can also search food by categories like “Open Now,” “Top-rated,” “vegetarian,” “cheap,” and “order” to find it in a timely and convenient manner. 

Google translate update

Soon, you will be able to have a more seamless translation experience with Google. The new update to the Goggle’s AR lens will erase and recreate the text with an AI-generated backdrop with translations appearing above the image. 

New “Live View” feature for maps 

The new Live View feature will allow you to see nearby places, like coffee shops, stores, banks, and ATMs in Paris, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco. It comes with AR-powered directions, so you know how to get to a location without a hassle. You can also look up other places like restaurants, clothing stores, and bars by tapping the “categories”. You will also see important information like the price range, rush hours, and whether a place is open.

The Live View feature only works in:

  • well-lit areas
  • Places where it is easy to point the phone at the buildings
  • Places with street signs
  • Places where street view is accessible
  • Additionally, your device must be compatible with ARCore 

EV station finder 

EV owners can now find EV charging stations with their EV’s charger plug type. 

Wheelchair accessibility upgrade 

Google is expanding its “accessible places” service to help find places that are wheelchair accessible. Tap on the “accessible places” setting, and you will see a wheelchair icon on locations with wheelchair accessibility. 

A new AR shopping feature to match the foundation 

If you struggle with finding the right foundation, you can heave a sigh of relief. Google’s new AR shopping feature will help you find the exact match. Google reportedly has a new photo library with over 148 models representing diverse skin tones, genders, face shapes, and ages to help users find a specific foundation. 

AR shoe shopping 

You can now shop for shoes using AR (although it is not something new, it’s a great add-on for a search engine). Currently, this feature is only compatible with brands like Merell, VANS, Sperry, and Saucony. In the future, Google will add more brands. To get started with this feature, add the keywords, for example, “VANS sneakers,” and tap “view in my space” to experience 360-degree AR shopping. 


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