How to find your mentor

How to Find Your Mentor in Life in 3 Simple steps

We are a product of our elders’ teachings; the instructions that were passed down generation after generation has shaped the modern human being. Without those


4 Steps You Can Take to Prepare for the New Normal (post covid)

Covid 19 is surging in some countries. Talk to your health care providers to learn about vaccines in your city. And meanwhile wear your masks

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How to live ethically with vegan brands, food, and accessories

Originally, we wanted to name this post, ‘how to be vegan”. But as we looked into veganism, we realized that being a vegan doesn’t always

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To vaccine or not to vaccine: what we know so far about Covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19 Vaccines are becoming as common as aspirin, but still, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable with them. And no these people aren’t exactly


We are treating animals exactly like we treated black slaves in America

Our ancestors believed that it was their right to treat their slaves however they wanted and so they did. While we came a long way after emanicipation of slaves, we are still treating vulnerable species recraeting the worse offences from the history of slavery.

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10 things you need to do for your skincare in your 20’s

Just like everything else in life, your skin needs proper maintenance. Here are 10 proven ways that you need to incorporate in your skincare routine to maintain a flawless youthful glow later in life.


How to start a business in 2021 with $120 – A step-step guide

Do you want to set up your own business online? Here are simple steps you can follow to achieve that without going through any hassle.


How to do SEO for website in 10 minutes with Yoast

Yoast SEO is a great plugin for first-time website owners who don’t know how to optimize website content for Google and other search engines. Learn how to do SEO for websites with Yoast.

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How to build a landing page that gets traction

Did you just build a website? Learn how to convert your visitors into customers through a killer landing page.

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The best budgeting apps with over 4.4 rating – October 2021

Take a step towards a debt-free life with these 4 top-rated budgeting apps on the app store. All of these apps have over a 4+ rating.

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Top-rated pet-sitting apps in North America to make $1000

Are you looking to make an extra one thousand bucks at the end of the month? Try these top-rated pet-sitting apps in North America.

Lifestyle of a billionaire

12 Habits of billionaires that keep them rich

We scoured the web to find 22 habits of billionaires that can help you reshape your life to garner prominent successes. Read more in this post.