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How to live ethically with vegan brands, food, and accessories

Originally, we wanted to name this post, ‘how to be vegan”. But as we looked into veganism, we realized that being a vegan doesn’t always

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To vaccine or not to vaccine: what we know so far about Covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19 Vaccines are becoming as common as aspirin, but still, a lot of people don’t feel comfortable with them. And no these people aren’t exactly

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10 things you need to do for your skincare in your 20’s

Just like everything else in life, your skin needs proper maintenance. Here are 10 proven ways that you need to incorporate in your skincare routine to maintain a flawless youthful glow later in life.

natural and scientific ways to reverse aging
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Natural and Scientific Ways to Reverse Aging

Celebrities always tell us that they maintain a healthy lifestyle which is the reason why they look so good. Well, we looked into it to

how to get rid of anxiety
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The Great Abyss of Anxiety and How to Get Out of It

It’s dark. Really really dark. You want to scream. You want to find a way. But you can’t. Nothing helps. You feel like ending yourself.

how to develop immunity?
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Develop Immunity Against deadly diseases in 3 Simple Steps

Learn the 3 simple ways that can help you develop immunity against deadly viruses and pathogens.

deliberate happiness
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Deliberate Happiness and How to Use it to Live Your Best Life

Things don’t always go your way. Life is unpredictable, full of inevitability. We are not in control. And sometimes this lack of control creates feelings

prevent chronic diseases
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Prevent Chronic Diseases with This Simple Routine

Have you been up late?  How long has this been going on? If too long, then we have bad news for you. People who don’t

Cell phone radiation
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Cell Phone Radiation is Bad but just How Bad is it?

Cell phone radiation is bad. We have heard that a lot. In this article, we explore the extent of risks associated with cell phone usage. More than

watching Netflix could fry your brain
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Watching too Much Netflix Could be Frying your Brain

Do you binge-watch often? What compels you to do that? Have you ever wondered why you binge-watch? On average people spend around 30 minutes on