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Would you spend $50,000 on a wellness pod that offers salt walls and charcoal cleansing?

Loxone wellness pod is a 10×10 therapeutic and meditative smart room equipped with high-tech controls to give you an environment to relax and heal. Loxone

brain buzzing with thoughts
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Why is My Brain Buzzing With Thoughts All the Time?

Our brain is a highly complicated machine. We are using the word machine because it processes information like a computer. The problem is that most

still tired
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I Eat Well, Sleep Right, Exercise, but Still Tired. What Gives?

Are you still tired after a long night’s rest? Are your energy levels not as high as you want them to be? It could be

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3 Life-saving Longevity Seeds You Should Add to Your Diet

When it comes to building optimum health, there’s no instructional manual or blueprint that would help you. While a vegetarian diet includes a plethora of

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Natural and Scientific Ways to Reverse Aging

 Celebrities always tell us that they maintain a healthy lifestyle which is the reason why they look so good. Well, we looked into it to

watching netflix
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Watching too Much Netflix Could be Frying your Brain

Do you binge-watch often? What compels you to do that? Have you ever wondered why you binge-watch? On average people spend around 30 minutes on

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Cell Phone Radiation is Bad but just How Bad is it?

Cell phone radiation is bad. We have heard that a lot. In this article, we explore the extent of risks associated with cell phone usage. More than

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The Great Abyss of Anxiety and How to Get Out of It

It’s dark. Really really dark. You want to scream. You want to find a way. But you can’t. Nothing helps. You feel like ending yourself.