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Here’s what we know about Alibaba’s antitrust fine of $ 2.8 billion

Anti-monopoly state regulators hit Alibaba, the largest eCommerce platform with more than 800 million users in China alone, with a prodigious fine of 2.8 billion

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Would you spend $50,000 on a wellness pod that offers salt walls and charcoal cleansing?

Loxone wellness pod is a 10×10 therapeutic and meditative smart room equipped with high-tech controls to give you an environment to relax and heal. Loxone

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A breakthrough BCI System turns thoughts into action

BrainGate researchers demonstrate the use of a high-bandwidth wireless brain-computer interface to help people with spinal cord injuries overcome the barriers of communication.  BrainGate researchers

a new block-chain based search engine
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A New Blockchain-based Search Engine is here

So much is changing around us. From Capital riots to Gamestop, there seems to be a new air around us. In the tech world, Google