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Intellectual Property Rights

Other than the articles or other forms of content you submit to us, all other content is owned by Bootindie. No part of this website (including graphics) can be reproduced. 

You (the visitor) are granted a limited license only to view and share the content on this website. 


You are prohibited to:

  • Publish, sell, sublicense or otherwise use this site’s material for your commercial purposes; 
  • Use the website content in any form that may damage our site; 
  • Perform data harvesting, mining, extraction, or any other similar activities. 

We have the right to take the necessary action (including your restriction to the site) if we learn you were engaged in any of the mentioned activities.  

Your Content

You may submit your content to us for publication. In that case, you grant us the right to display your content on our website. Apart from the compensation discussed, we are not liable to pay you any form of royalties or compensation. 

Your Privacy

Your privacy is one of our main concerns. Please see our Privacy Policy. 

No warranties

No material provided on this website shall be used as legal or medical advice. You are solely responsible for how you use our content. We try our best to provide factual and reliable content, but we do not promise perfection. And therefore, you are advised not to use the content provided on this website as legal or medical advice.  

Limitation of liability 

Bootinide, its advertisers, writers, administrators, and employees shall not be held accountable in any form or way related to your use of this website. You will not hold us liable for any direct/indirect, consequential liability that may arise due to your use of this website. 


You agree to indemnify Bootindie to the fullest extent from any liabilities, demands, costs, damages, and expenses arising from your breach of these terms. 


If any section of these terms is invalid under any applicable laws, such sections will be removed with no effect on the rest of the document. 

Variation of Terms

We may introduce changes to these terms as we see fit without any notification. As a user of this website, you are expected to visit the terms and conditions page often.

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