What do you imagine when you hear the word square? 


This is what a square looks like. This is what we are used to; what we have been told the square looks like. That’s why this particular shape is etched in our memory against the label ‘square’. 

What if we told you that the square looks like this: 

You won’t accept that. Because you know it doesn’t look like the square you have stored in your memory. 

Our logo is a tilted square. No, we are not trying to redefine how a square should look. It represents adjustment. A change. Getting used to looking at things in a different way.

We want to shift the paradigm a little to find new ways that can help us improve in life. 

The world is constantly evolving, faster than ever. And to keep up with the changing dynamics of it, we need to become better at personal growth. We want to shift, adjust, and reinterpret what we already know to discover ways to excel at personal growth. 

Thought behind the name 

Bootindie is an amalgamation of the words ‘bootstrap’ and ‘indie’. Bootstrap is defined as an effort made to get oneself or something in or out of a situation using available resources. While indie refers to being independent at something. So we define bootindie as an individual effort toward improvement using existing or available resources. 

We are a personal growth blog


Our purpose 

We believe that when we excel at a personal level, we grow stronger as a community. So at bootindie, we aim to empower you with educational, motivational, and inspirational resources that will equip you to become better at personal growth. We like to talk about things that can directly impact our personal growth both at an individual and community level.

Our experts will help you discover your strenths and weaknesses while outlining ways to improve. Oassionally, we sit down with a health care provider and other industry-specialists to get into the technicalities that can significantly help us create and maintain changes for longevity